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Bioaqua Pack of 5 Rice Raw Pulp Whitening Skincare Products Set

BioAqua provides whitening skincare products set containing Face Cream, Face Cleanser, Face Serum, Face Mask Sheet, and Eye cream all in one package to give an extra boost to your complexion. These skincare products contain white rice as an active ingredient, which is known as a gentle exfoliator and produces a brightening effect, leaving your skin fresh, smoother, and radiant. Its natural antioxidant properties help you to combat premature skin aging, promoting a youthful appearance.
  • Containing White Rice rew pulp extract ingredients, moisturizing, replenishing the skin with rich moisture, firmly locking the skin moisture, quenching the skin for the skin, light and breathable mask cloth after applying it, there is nothing like it, so that you have a different experience. Beauty enjoyment.
  • Product effect: 
  • -Helps improve dryness and lack of water, creating a radiant, radiant and radiant complexion
  • -A sufficient amount of essence is absorbed
  • -Lighter thinner and more comfortable
  • -Deep into the muscle base, nourish and hydrate, and continue to use, the skin surface is smooth and

Set Include

  • BIOAQUA Rice Raw Pulp Moisturizing Face Cream 50g BQY79706
  • Moisturizing and nourishing
  • Quickly Absorb and non sticky
  • Long Lasting Moisturizing 
  • BIOAQUA Rice Raw Pulp Eye Cream 20g BQY83895
  • Tighten the Eye skin
  • Moisturizing and Smooth Texture
  • Long Lasting Moisturizing 
  • BIOAQUA Rice Raw Pulp Whitening Facial Cleanser 100gm BQY83840
  • Deep cleansing Skin
  • Soothes and repair the Skin
  • Moist and delicate
  • BIOAOUA Hyaluronic Acid Rice Raw Pulp Essence Face Serum 15ml BQY80535
  • Contains white rice germ essence, to help nourish and moisture skin, replenishment and moisturizing, to make skin shiny moist soft and tender.
  • Help to nourish eye skin, hydrating and let eyes to be bright.
  • BIOAQUA Rice Raw Pulp Moisturizing Face Mask Sheet BQY93752
  • Long lasting Hydrating Moisturizing -
  • Shrink Pores -
  • Nourish the skin - Moisturizing, moisturizing the skin smooth
  • - Helps improve skin dryness & tightness -

Bioaqua Pack of 5 Rice Raw Pulp Whitening Skincare Products Set

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Abdul Quyyam
Best 👌

Best 👌 for my skin


Nice product,fast delivery, Insha Allah will buy again...

Good products

Bioaqua Pack of 5 Rice Raw Pulp Glow & Whitening Rice Skincare Series

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