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Zhenmei Centella AsiaTica Anti Aging 6 Pcs Skin Care Set

Facial Cosmetics Set

  • Complex of moisturizing skin care products with Centella Asiatica and the unique
  • ingredient Oligopeptide-1 . Moisturizing ingredients penetrate the skin, deeply replenish moisture
  • and keep it inside, eliminating dehydration of the skin, making the skin perfectly smooth and
  • silky. Powerful antioxidants of Centella protect, renew and rejuvenate the skin, slowing down the
  • natural aging process. Restore the level of necessary moisture in the skin, restore elasticity, make
  • the skin supple and toned. Fight age-related skin changes, keep youth and
  • beauty! Oligopeptides are a unique epidermal growth factor, a cell regeneration factor that slows
  • down the aging process of cells, maintaining a youthful skin condition!
  • Cleansing Balm Cleansing 100g
  • Water - Facial Essence Moisturizing 150ml
  • Eye Cream Moisturizing 30g
  • Lotion - Essence for the face Moisturizing 150ml
  • Face Cream Moisturizing 50g
  • BB - Smoothing Cream 40g

How to use:

  • 1. Cleanse your face with balm.
  • 2. Moisturize and soothe skin after cleansing with water
  • essence.
  • 3. Apply eye cream.
  • 4. Lotion - essence for the face for every day to effectively moisturize the
  • skin.
  • 5. Cream for every day to effectively moisturize the skin. 6. BB-cream evens out skin tone, serves as an excellent base for make-up.

Net weight: 100g/150ml/30g/150ml/50g/40g ART : ( ZM -94662)

Zhenmei Centella AsiaTica Anti Aging 6 Pcs Skin Care Set

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